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Unlike the current retail wine world, you no longer have to shop by label, or risk uneven recommendations. taste56 not only curates the world's best wines by the highest-quality producers and importers but also empowers you to curate your own experiences and learn what wine is best for YOU, rather than be told what you should like. Learn more. 



Our Palate Character based organizational model makes wine shopping more approachable, intuitive, and navigable than by grape varietal or region—the predominant and flawed approach used by the vast majority of wine retailers today—and neither of which tells you much about what is in the bottle. 

Regardless of whether a your first instinct is to search by grape variety, location, or a comfortable descriptor, like light wines, with Palate Character there is a logical starting point. Furthermore, it is educational. We combine both digital and physical design. Not only is our website is not only organized by Palate Character, but also our retail stores which feature a rotating selection of 56 wines, all available to taste.


What is the Digital Somm? Why is it uniquely Different From Other Recommendation Systems?

At the core of our Palate Character taxonomy is our algorithm recommendation system, our Digital Somm, which was researched and developed to determine the most important and objective attributes of wine that can meaningfully predict personal preference. It does not use collective intelligence, or assumed relationships between grapes or producers rather we employ strategically weighted measures that focus on objective factors with a degree of subjective influence. Our wine profiling and recommendations system allows us to taste a wine, analyze it, and digitize its characteristics. Because the algorithm purposely does not include grape variety or producer as an input factor, it finds connections that otherwise might be overlooked. Furthermore, the more you use the Algorithm, the better we, and you understand your likes and dislikes and the more tailored our recommendations become including accounting for seasonal preferences, and the evolution of in personal preferences. 



We are located in the heart of NYC at 53 Water Street, Brooklyn. We hope you will visit—please see our hours


How does taste56’s Loyalty Program Work?

Our Loyalty Program is designed to make it simple for you to earn points and redeem those points on future purchases. You are automatically enrolled in our Lotalty Program when you create your account. You will receive points every time you shop, rate, and refer friends to taste56! There’s no cumbersome set-up process, no minimum spend required, no convoluted points structure, and no need for a card (let’s do our part for the environment!). Learn more.