Frog's Leap

Napa Valley Zinfandel

Napa Valley
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Frogz LEEP NAP-uh VALL-ee Zin-fan-DEL
Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Carignan
Flavor & Qualities
Blackberry Blackberry
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Organic Organic
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Palate Character

Balance & Finesse 2 Rich & Full 2 Light & Bright 2 Smooth & Silky 2 Round & Fleshy 1 Tone & Backbone 2 Powerful & Extracted 2 Bright & Crisp 2
Round & Fleshy
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This is a predominantly Round & Fleshy wine, but it shares structural nuances of Tone & Backbone as described in the tasting note below.

Tasting Notes
A full bodied wine, with rich blackberry and raspberry fruit flavors intermingling with notes of leather and mineral, and punctuated by a dark chocolate finish.
Red/Violet Tinge
Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Carignan
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Why this wine made the cut…
Luscious and juicy, without sacrificing elegance.
Rutherford, California
84% Zin-fan-DEL
Zinfandel, otherwise known as Primitivo in Italy, makes bold, fruit forward wines, which in California range from Round & Fleshy, to Powerful & Extracted. The wines can vary from dry to slightly off-dry. The examples have rich mix of dark and red fruit, along with a range of flavors and aromas like chocolate, tobacco and exotic spice.
Petite Sirah
9% Pe-TEET See-RAH
Petit Sirah originated from France but is now principally grown in California. Not for the meek, it produces Powerful & Extracted darkly colored wine that are both rich and very tannic with intense, dark, smoke, spicy fruit, with chocolate notes.
7% Ca-ree-NYAN
In the past, Carignan was responsible for a lot of bulk wine because of its high yielding potential, but in the right hands it can make quality with intense red fruit, spice, and structure. Often blended with other grape varietals, old vine Carignan can yield rich red fruit driven wines at bang for your buck price levels.
Country / State
Napa Valley
Frog's Leap
John Williams and Paula Moschetti
Total Production
7,300 bottles

Frog's Leap Winery


At Frog’s Leap they take wine seriously, but certainly not themselves. Even the estate’s origins are defined by serendipity. After graduating from Cornell, John Williams took a Greyhound bus to California, where he met Larry Turley while illegally camping on his property, a former frog-raising farm. After copious amounts of wine, they decided to start a winery together. 

Harvest at Frog's Leap Winery
Frog's Leap grape clusterFrog's Leap grape cluster

While Frog’s Leap would not become a reality until many years later, and Larry and John would ultimately go different directions, they were both pioneers in organic farming in the Napa Valley. All Frog’s Leap wines are dry-farmed with respect for the terroir and biodiversity in the vineyard of paramount concern. 

Frog’s Leap wines are truly made in the vineyard, where the terroir of Rutherford comes through with balanced wines of bright acidity and restrained alcohol.