Champagne Marguet

La Grand Ruelle

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Mar-GEY Lah Grang Rue-ELLE
Pinot Noir
Biodynamic Biodynamic
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Pinot Noir
Champagne, France
Pinot Noir
100% Pee-NO NWAR
Pinot Noir is arguably the most revered grape variety in the world with origins in Burgundy, France where the best expressions can still be found. Pinot Noir is not only a tough grape to grow, it also shows miniscule differences in terroir arguably more than any other grape variety. Stylistically, it is generally higher in acid and lower in tannin but can vary depending on the location, and winemaking technique. It is very versatile with food, and shows a range of flavor from red and black fruit, floral, spice, earth, and mineral qualities.
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Champagne Marguet
Old Vines a Champagne Marguet's vineyardsOld Vines a Champagne Marguet's vineyards

Champagne Marguet

Ambonnay, Champagne

Marguet had a storied history in Champagne dating back to the 1800s. Out of fear, Emile Marguet ripped out the vines and replaced them with American rootstock because of the surge of Phylloxera during that time. He was unfortunately before his time, and the estate eventually went bankrupt as Phylloxera did not devastate Champagne until 1990.  

Benoit Marguet in CellarBenoit Marguet in Cellar
Horse ploughed vineyards at Champagne MarguetHorse ploughed vineyards at Champagne Marguet

The Marguet family started farming again in the 1970s. Benoît Marguet assumed winemaking at his parents estate in 1999, and then took complete control of Marguet Père et Fils in 2005. In 2008 Benoît was finally able to purchase some of the family’s vineyard holdings to be used exclusively for his wines, as well as lease parcels owned by other family members, which he farms himself.

Marguet is now certified organic and biodynamic and since 2009 he does most vineyard plowing with his two horses. His non-interventionist approach in the vineyard extends into the winery.  All fermentations take place in oak barrels with native yeasts, with all wines going through malolactic fermentation. Cellar work is done naturally through gravity flow with the timing of many decisions based on the lunar calendar. The wines are dry and precise with a toasty leesy character imparted to the high-pitched fruit character.