Talley Vineyards

San Luis Obispo Coast Pinot Noir

Central Coast
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TA-lay VIN-yardz - PEE-no NWAR San Loo-EES O-BEES-po Coast
Pinot Noir
Red Cherry Red Cherry
Rose Rose
Cola Cola
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Smooth & Silky
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Tasting Notes
This midweight Pinot Noir is Smooth and Silky with all the components in balance. The red and black cherry fruit are accompanied by attractive rose and cola spice that linger in the finish.
Medium Red/Ruby
Pinot Noir
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Some wines need time to be enjoyed at their full potential. Not Talley's Pinot Noir, delicious out of the gate.
Arroyo Grande Valley, California
Pinot Noir
100% Pee-NO NWAR
Pinot Noir is arguably the most revered grape variety in the world with origins in Burgundy, France where the best expressions can still be found. Pinot Noir is not only a tough grape to grow, it also shows miniscule differences in terroir arguably more than any other grape variety. Stylistically, it is generally higher in acid and lower in tannin but can vary depending on the location, and winemaking technique. It is very versatile with food, and shows a range of flavor from red and black fruit, floral, spice, earth, and mineral qualities.
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Central Coast
Talley Vineyards
Brian Talley
Talley Vineyard RowsTalley Vineyard Rows

Talley Vineyards

Arroyo Grande Valley

Talley is located in the hills of San Luis Obispo eight miles from the coast, enjoying the perfect combination of warm days and cool evenings to grow pinot noir and chardonnay. 

Talley Vineyards LandscapeTalley Vineyards Landscape
Talley's Vineyard RowsTalley's Vineyard Rows

At Talley, all grapes are hand-picked at low yields on this 159-acre estate, where gravity flow is used in the winery. Winemaker Eric Johnson embraces a classic, non-manipulative style that embraces the unique character of each vineyard. 

The wines of Talley reflect the terroir, showing a balance of both silky approachability and intensity that varies depending on vineyard site—quality is the tie that binds them.