reinventing wine retail

Wine is a dynamic and complicated subject—color, body, flavor, smell, even context add to the experience. There are different grape varieties, terminology, geography, and foreign-sounding brands, making wine an exciting journey on many levels.

Ulnfortunately, retail both in-stores and online is neither intuitive nor educational, the experience is too often frustrating, time-consuming, and riddled with uncertainty—even the fear of looking silly.

Unlike the current retail wine world, at taste56 you will no longer have to shop by label, or risk uneven recommendations. taste56 will not only curate the world's best wines by the highest-quality producers and importers but also empower you to curate your own experiences and learn what wine is best for YOU, rather than be told what you should like.

In short, our goal is to make it easy for you to drink only wine that you really love!he mission of taste56 is to demystify and democratize how consumers buy wine in-store and online. taste56 curates the world’s best wines and then gives you the tools to curate perfectly on your own.  Our aim? To make it easy for you to drink only wine that you really love.

Coming to NYC in fall 2021