David Finlayson

The Pepper Pot

Western Cape
South Africa
Say It
DAY-vid FIN-lay-son Thuh PEP-ur POT
Flavors & Quality
Red Berries Red Berries
Leather Leather
Black Pepper Black Pepper
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Palate Character

Balance & Finesse 2 Rich & Full 2 Light & Bright 2 Smooth & Silky 2 Round & Fleshy 1 Tone & Backbone 2 Powerful & Extracted 2 Bright & Crisp 2
Round & Fleshy
This Wine Your Palate
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This is a predominantly Round & Fleshy wine, but it shares structural nuances of Tone & Backbone as described in the tasting note below.

Tasting Notes

A medium plus bodied, well balanced, Round and Fleshy and Tone and Backbone wine with complex flavors and aromas of red berries, tobacco, leather, black pepper, and touches of violets, mineral, and cedar.

Medium Red/Ruby
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Why this wine made the cut…
You get so much wine for the money it's crazy - Aaron Fusco, VP of Operations
Stellenbosch, South Africa
100% Shee-RAS
Syrah is widely planted throughout the world, but that was not so until the late twentieth century when Syrah was principally grown in the Rhone Valley and, as Shiraz, in Australia. Stylistically, the Palate Character of Syrah can vary depending on ripeness from a rich Round & Fleshy, Tone & Backbone, to a Powerful & Extracted. The flavors and aromas can also vary with a dark, sometimes sweet, fruit character, varying amount of spice, floral, and earth, and smoke, and meaty aromas and flavors.
Country / State
South Africa
Western Cape
David Finlayson
David Finlayson
David Finlayson's Edgebaston VineyardsDavid Finlayson's Edgebaston Vineyards

David Finlayson

Stellenbosch, south africa

The Finlayson family has a long history in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Three generations of Finlaysons have played a formative role in steering the Cape wine industry in the direction of the international wine world. Currently, David Finlayson is at the helm. 

David FinlaysonDavid Finlayson
Edgebaston VineyardsEdgebaston Vineyards

David has worked in Australia (Peter Lehmann Wines), New Zealand (Te Mata), and then in France at the world renowned Château Margaux. In 1996 David took control of winemaking at Glen Carlou, winning several awards before venturing out on his own, accompanied by his son Walter, with Edgebaston. 

The property’s shale soils, unique to this particular part of Stellenbosch, have proven themselves to foster wines with excellent structure, classic style, and minerality.