La Follette

Los Primeros Pinot Noir

Sonoma Coast
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La Fo-LET - Los Pree-MAY-ros
Pinot Noir
Flavors & Quality
Black Cherry Black Cherry
Cola Cola
Sandalwood Sandalwood
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Balance & Finesse 2 Rich & Full 2 Light & Bright 2 Smooth & Silky 1 Round & Fleshy 2 Tone & Backbone 2 Powerful & Extracted 2 Bright & Crisp 2
Smooth & Silky
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This is a predominantly Smooth & Silky wine, but it shares structural nuances of Tone & Backbone as described in the tasting note below.

Tasting Notes
Nicely structured medium-plus bodied Pinot Noir with complex flavors and aromas of red and black cherry, herbal tea, rose, mineral, cola spice, and sandalwood in the lengthy finish.
Medium Red/Ruby
Pinot Noir
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Crowdpleasing pinot that won't break the bank.
Sonoma Coast, California
Pinot Noir
100% Pee-NO NWAR
Pinot Noir is arguably the most revered grape variety in the world with origins in Burgundy, France where the best expressions can still be found. Pinot Noir is not only a tough grape to grow, it also shows miniscule differences in terroir arguably more than any other grape variety. Stylistically, it is generally higher in acid and lower in tannin but can vary depending on the location, and winemaking technique. It is very versatile with food, and shows a range of flavor from red and black fruit, floral, spice, earth, and mineral qualities.
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Sonoma Coast
La Follette
Hugh Chappelle

La Follette

Sonoma Coast, California

Greg La Follette is the founder of his namesake winery, La Follette. Greg had cut his teeth at other wineries, including Bealieu, before he became the head winemaker at Flowers vineyard and winery in 1996. Flowers was one of the early pioneers of making Sonoma Coast wines using gravity flow and manual punch-downs. 

La Follete's vineyard work with tractorLa Follete's vineyard work with tractor
La Follette's vineyard rowsLa Follette's vineyard rows

Fondly referred to as “Captain Crush” during his stint at Flowers, he sees chardonnay as his canvas and pinot noir as an “exacting mistress” for its risk-reward ratio and the attention it demands to yield great results in both vineyard and winery. 

He started his own winery in 2001, Tandem, which is now La Follette, working with some of the same vineyards he worked with at Flowers, such as Van der Kamp, which remains one of his top cuvées.